Key Note Speakers

Dr. George Georgantopoulos

Photo of George_Georgantopoulos                      Key Note Title : Boundary Layer and Applications

Professor.George Georgantopoulos has been born in Derveni Korinthias, Greece where he has initially followed his high school studies, while he has received his High School Degree by the Varvakeio School of Athens. He is a Mathematician from the University of Patras, where he has studied and received his PhD in the incompressible viscous boundary layer applications. He has been Professor of Aerodynamics in the Hellenic Air Force Academy for more than 35 years, while currently he is Professor Emeritus of the same Academy. He has published more than 100 papers in academic journals and int. conferences while he has been the main author of more than 18 academic textbooks which are taught as main textbooks in reputable Universities in Greece. He has been coordinator of several research projects in collaboration with various international bodies (University of Bath, ONERA, NASA/Langley research center etc), while simultaneously he was member of the Fluid Dynamics Panel (FDP) of AGARD/NATO from 1985 to 1997. He is married with the Philologist teacher Despoina (Depy) Tsibikouki and he has two children, Christina and Andreas.

Dr.G Szekely

Photo of Dr.G Szekely

Dr.G Szekely received his MSc degree in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Budapest, Hungary and he earned his PhD degree in Chemistry under the European Commission’s Marie Curie Actions from the Technical University of Dortmund, Germany. He worked as an Early Stage Researcher in Hovione PharmaScience and an IAESTE Fellow at the University of Tokyo, Japan. He was a Research Associate working with Andrew Livingston on molecular level separations in Imperial College London, UK. He is currently a Lecturer in Chemical Engineering at The University of Manchester, UK since 2014. Dr Szekely is an Adjunct Faculty at Saveetha University, and recipient of the Distinguished Visiting Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Engineering. His multidisciplinary professional background covers supramolecular chemistry, molecular recognition, molecular imprinting, process development, waste utilization, nanofiltration and pharmaceutical impurity scavenging. He serves as an Academic Editor for the journal Advanced Materials Letters, the Secretary General for the Marie Curie Fellows Association, and a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. His research interests and activities can be followed through his personal website at

Dr.Christina Georgantopoulou

Photo of George_Georgantopoulos Key Note Title : Block nested cartesian refinement & numerical solution for recirculating flows in sudden expansion channels

Dr.Christina Georgantopoulou has been born in Athens, Greece and she is an Academic Teacher of Mechanical Engineering at Bahrain Polytechnic. She is a Professional Mechanical Engineer with PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics from the National Technical University of Athens. She has to obtain more than 19 years of teaching experience in Higher Education in various roles, in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and aerodynamics courses in undergraduate and post graduate level and she has been supervisor to more than 40 final dissertations. Her research interests are in fluid mechanics, CFD methods and techniques, grid generation, mathematical modeling of flows, pipeline flows simulation but also heat transfer and insulation in buildings, renewable resources of energy, photovoltaic devices and systems development etc. She has published more than 50 publications as research papers in international academic journals or in proceedings of int. conferences as well as academic textbooks. Currently she is the Head of the Engineering School at Bahrain Polytechnic in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Coordinator of the industrial and research projects in engineering, while she continues her research projects development in the numerical calculation of pipeline networks’ flows and renewable resources of energy related to industrial applications.

Mr. Nikolaos Vasilikos

Photo of George_Georgantopoulos Key Note Title : Renewable resources of energy and PV panels efficiency optimizationfor GCC countries

Mr. Nikolaos Vasilikos has been born in Greece and he is a Mechanical Engineer (BEng), with MSc in Environment and Safety. He has also received his BEd with specialization in teaching methodologies in engineering courses. He has to obtain an extended industrial experience as Head Mechanical Engineer in processing industry, construction, maintenance and building works, while his teaching experience includes various roles in reputable Universities in engineering courses. He is expert in manufacturing processes and internal combustion engines, while recently he has extended his interests in Renewable Resources of Energy. His research achievements include papers publications in academic journals and presentations in international conferences. Currently, he is a Mechanical Engineering Lecturer in Bahrain Polytechnic.

Dr. Arunkumar Jayakumar

Photo of Arunkumar Jayakumars

Dr. Arunkumar Jayakumar, Ph.D. is Research Fellow at the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. He received Bachelor’s degree from Madras University, Master’s degree from CEG, Anna University and his Ph.D. from the Auckland University of Technology.His research activities include Fuel cell Stacks, Fuel cell Systems, Additive Manufacturing, Electrolysers, Sensors and Electric Vehicles. Arunkumar serves on the Reviewer Boards for peer reviewed journal Energies and Sustainability. He has authored or co-authored over 40 manuscripts, and is a Vice chair of the IEEE-New Zealand. He is also a member of ASME and IPENZ.